Rawlins Steel Match and Great Divide Steel Challenge

2021 Rawlins Steel Match results Link https://practiscore.com/results/html/8c3f775b-986f-4443-8d7e-c40167d462a3

2021 Sponsors for both matches please make sure and thank them for their support

Both the 2021 Rawlins Steel Match and Great Divide Steel Challenge matches are open for registration on Practiscore. The old registration forms are attached to each match to help with mailing in your payment so you can get approved for squading. They can also be found here:

2021 Rawlins Steel Match & Great Divide Steel Challenge poster:

2020 Great Divide Steel Challenge Results links for Practiscore & SCSA



2020 Rawlins Steel Match results link for Practiscore


2020 Sponsors with contact information click link below, let them know how much you appreciate them

2020 Steel Challenge Application

Here are the Links to Practiscore and SCSA for the results from the 2019 Rawlins Steel Match and Great Divide Steel Challenge:

Rawlins Steel Match


Great Divide Steel Challenge


Click on Link below for all current sponsors for the 2019 Steel Match and Steel Challenge, let them know you appreciate them.

logos with phone and email

2018 Rawlins KD Steel Results link https://practiscore.com/results/html/c28cfb8a-b568-4c00-ba8f-b9a65b38e2e2

2018 Great Divide Steel Challenge Results Link https://practiscore.com/results/html/28a80e04-20d4-4d93-bf39-637e8d2603f8

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